Mission & Values


Our Mission

The Peace & Justice Academy provides a rigorous college preparatory education and unique electives from a Mennonite tradition to students in grades six to twelve. Students are nurtured in a safe, caring community in which they are awakened to the realities and challenges that will face them as adults, and prepared to stand for justice, wage peace, and impact the world.

Our Vision

We graduate responsible adults informed by a Christian world view, ready to serve others, working for peace and justice at home and around the world.

Our Values

We believe faith gives meaning to our lives. We find meaning in a God who, owing us nothing, chose to walk among us and suffer for us, even to death. We welcome students of all faith traditions with the goal of mutual understanding and respect.

We are our sisters’ and brothers’ keepers. We share our joys and sorrows with each other. We work to see the other in us. We celebrate diversity: we all belong.

We fight for the poor, the weak, the disenfranchised, and all those who cannot fight for themselves. We know that without justice, we shall not see peace. We share the world with others, striving for simplicity.

We follow the example of Christ, the Prince of Peace. We love our enemies. We respond to violence with nonviolence. We are tolerant and respectful of everyone.