A Message to Students

Almost anything that happens, anywhere on the planet, is up on the Internet. Almost immediately. In this way, the world grows smaller all the time.

And as the world shrinks, its problems grow larger and more complex.

In addition to the problems that teenagers have always faced, like making friends and what to wear, you will also face challenges your parents never imagined.

Poverty. Terrorism. Globalization. Multi-national Corporations. Greenhouse Gasses. Weapons of Mass Destruction.

What then will you do?

Will you bury you head in the sand and hope it goes away? Will you leave it for others, even as they are hoping to leave it for you? Or will you take a stand?

Yes, we can help you get into college. Other schools can do that too. But we invite you to something more. We invite you to learn how to make a difference in the world.

The most important question you will ever ask is, “Why am I here?”

Come to the Peace and Justice Academy. Let us help you discover the answer.