Our curriculum is based on the California State Board of Education Standards and Framework. All subjects are taught with due rigor to assure students are ultimately prepared to succeed in a high school, and then college, environment.

English/Language Arts: The English curriculum is based on the Glencoe/McGraw Hill California adopted textbooks along with instruction from age-appropriate novels.  The skills of critical reading and informational writing are infused throughout.

History: The 6th and 7th grade curriculum is a two-year rotation through all the countries in the world.  We look at the geography, history, culture, and current events of each country.  Students produce country presentations as we travel around the globe together.  In 8th grade, we teach a government and civics course designed to prepare students for active engagement in discussions of national and global realities.  All our students spend time researching and learning about current events and U.S. elections. 

Science: Middle school science rotates through the following three classes: Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science.  We encourage multigrade learning and interaction, so we offer them in a rotation, one per year.

Math: When students enter the school, they might be at a variety of math levels.  We want each student to reach their full potential, finishing Algebra I by eighth grade, to be prepared for the math and science in high school.  We also know students grasp mathematical concepts at different rates.  Our instructor uses a computer-based program that allows each student to succeed at her own pace.

Bible: Middle school Bible is a course designed to give the students both a sense of what is contained in the Judeo-Christian literature and to encourage them to wonder and apply that knowledge as spiritual formation, where applicable.  We feel a knowledge of the writings can inform many areas of life, not just those that are spiritual.   Students are encouraged to question and discuss.

Physical Education: Our PE program is designed around the martial art of Aikido.  Aikido is a defensive martial art designed to protect both the person using it and the attacker.  We believe confidence in yourself and your ability allows you to get involved in solving conflicts you might otherwise avoid.  It is one of the tools in our toolbox for peacemakers.

Each middle school class is assigned 1 credit per semester. Below is the minimum number of requirements in each category and the number of credits required for high school graduation.

Middle School:
Courses needed to move
to High School
If student has not attended P&JA
for full 3 years,
classes will be adjusted accordingly.
3 years
3 years
3 years
3 years
3 years
3 years
Physical Education/Health
3 years