What will a graduate of the Peace & Justice Academy be able to do?

1.    Students will be academically proficient in all subject areas.

2.    Students can form a literate, coherent, academic, logical and persuasive argument in every subject area, using a variety of media.

3.    Students are equipped with tools to resolve conflicts academically, physically, mentally, and spiritually in their personal lives as well as local and global arenas.

4.    Students actively evaluate and respond to the cultural and value-laden messages in media.

5.    Students will recognize themselves in the world and the world in themselves through interactions beyond the classroom and textbooks.

6.    Students will discover, internalize, and articulate personal values and beliefs in order to help students pursue lives and vocations with meaning.

7.    Students will practice the ideals of restorative justice in the world, as modeled by Christ, enabling students to show tolerance to and celebrate diversity in others.

8.    Students will participate in active engagement with the world community, in alignment with their developmental maturity, in order to prepare for their broader participation and place in the world.