The goal of any high school is to prepare a student to be successful in college. We have designed the scope and sequence of our curriculum to line up with the University of California system’s “A – G” Courses. We are a college preparatory high school and all of our graduates are accepted into college.

The Peace & Justice Academy operates on a cohort model. This means that students in a particular grade take all of their classes together. While we do not offer separate, stand-alone Advanced Placement (AP) classes, we are happy to prepare an AP track for any student wishing to accumulate college credits in any subject.

In the end, of course, it is not the student with the highest grade point average, or most pre-college credit who “wins.” Success in academics is only a part of what makes for success in life. Our goal is to offer the best education for body, mind, and spirit. We build self-awareness, social awareness, and empathic awareness. We teach about faith, about community, about values, about serving those of us in need. High School is the time for students to start to figure out who they are, what’s going on in the world around them, and where they fit into that picture.