A Good Fit

No school is perfect for every student. How can you know if the Peace & Justice Academy is a good fit?

Compassion: It isn’t mandatory that a student come into ninth grade concerned about injustice in the world. But it sure doesn’t hurt. It would be odd for a student who doesn’t like acting to apply to a theater school. The Peace & Justice Academy teaches students about problems in our local communities and around the world, and we teach strategies to overcome these problems. We believe all human beings should have social justice and world peace as priorities – students who agree will thrive.

Spirituality: All the great faith traditions in the world preach a common ethic of love, mercy, justice, and peace. If a student values a family faith tradition, that faith tradition is the origin of love, mercy, justice, and peace. At the Peace & Justice Academy, we approach these values from the student’s faith tradition, whatever it may be. Of course, those with no spiritual tradition also hold these values in esteem. It is not necessary to subscribe to a particular faith tradition to come to the Peace & Justice Academy, but students who respect and appreciate others’ commitment to faith will thrive.

Academics: It is not necessary for every student to be a stellar academic achiever. We know that average people can change the world. If students come in at or above their grade-level, with a persevering work ethic, they will thrive.

We invite you to call (626) 345-0504 or email for a personal guided tour of the school campus and our program.

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